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The Jewish Heritage was originally established for and geared towards those who were completely blind and required Braille reading material. Over the years, however, due to an overwhelming demand for texts in large print, we have directed much of our efforts to accomodate this growing need.

In response to this growing demand, we have successfuly completed the printing of many large print publications, and have been mailing many copies of it to the visually impaired who submit their requests. Each edition, with its superb binding and beautiful design, is a real testament to both form and function -- pleasing to the eye, and easy for the visually impaired to read.

As a result of the incredible response to our efforts, for years we have continued with the typesetting and preparation of further large print material. Our job, we feel, is never done.

Click on a book below to see a detailed description and actual text size.

Due to financial considerations, please limit your requests to one item per month.

Megillat Aicha Bedtime Shema Grace After Meals
Passover Haggadah Megillat Esther Megillat Ruth
Weekday Readings RoshHashana Machzor Shabbos Siddur
Yizkor Yom Kippur Machzor Halachic Rulings
Tehilim (Psalms) Candle Lighting Cemetary Prayers
Halachic Living Well Shir HaShirim  

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