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One of the primary activities of the Jewish Heritage for the Blind is the transcription, printing, and distribution of Braille material. The Jewish Heritage offers a wide selection of assorted Braille publications, ranging from prayer books to recreational texts. The joy and magic that a Braille storybook can bring to a blind child is indescribable; the excitement that participating in synagogue services for the first time can create is beyond compare.

Blind individuals living in the Jewish community face a unique struggle in their attempt to form an identity centered upon Judaism. While they cannot see, they are still expected to fulfill most of the obligations that all other Jews hold. It is for this reason that publications like the Daily Siddur, Shabbos Siddur, and High Holiday Machzorim make such a huge difference in the lives of those we assist. And it is for this purpose that the Jewish Heritage was established, has grown, and continues its efforts.

The Heritage has recently embarked on the publication of a new and exciting Braille Childrens Storybook Series in several different languages, to which it has completed several editions.


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