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Book Dedications

The loss of a beloved family member or friend is a painful and tragic event. What better way is there to guarantee that the name and good deeds of a loved one will remain eternal, than by dedicating a page of a publication in their honor and memory?

The Jewish Heritage for the Blind extends the opportunity to dedicate a page in their Braille and Large Print material for this very purpose. During the compilation of our texts, we reserve a number of pages that are specifically appropriated for dedication. Many have already seized this unique offer, and have let us know how wholeheartedly pleased they were with their decision. The following publications have already been dedicated:

Krias Shema:

To Mrs. Ruth Schreiber by
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Wasserman
To Rabbi Solomon Drelich by
the Drelich Family
To Mr. William and Mrs. Marian Braun
by David Braun
To Rabbi Aaron Moshe, Mrs.Sarah Itta
& Yehuda Leib by the Bobroysky,
Schultz & Blotner Families

Weekday Siddur:

To Mr. Isaac and Mrs. Ruth Gottlieb
by Mordechai Gottlieb and Family
To Mr. Bencion Neis
To Mrs. Ethel Somerstein
by Mr. Herbert Somerstein and Family

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